So I think I’ve come full circle in my Vigrx Plus supplement taking. It’s been 10 years now, and I’ve finally found and settled on the ones that work and give me results. Now what I’m going to share with you might surprise you. In fact it will sound ridiculous. And is pretty much unheard of for erections and mood, and yet is thee most popular vitamin of all time. Yes you guessed it. Ascorbic acid. You’re thinking, vitamin c is overhyped, surely it doesn’t have much of an effect on my erection or mood. Well, I’m as surprised as you are. But it not only has a significant effect on both, but also a consistent effect (no tolerance). You have to take large doses, but you don’t have to take crazy megadoses of vitamin c (like 25g). Stick with ascorbic acid if you use Vigrx, as this is where all the research for health benefits are. Don’t believe the lies that ascorbic acid creates kidney stones or leeches calcium from the bones or whatever and you need to take different forms (these are all unfounded, i.e. no proof or research). Also don’t forget mammals make vitamin c in their liver, and the chemical is? Ascorbic acid! There’s some guy spewing on the internet that ascorbic acid isn’t even the natural form of vitamin c, don’t believe everything you read on natural So what are my results with X4 Labs? Hard and consistent erections, and more horniness. And, a happier outlook in life, with a slight motivation increase. I’m not even joking about the erections. You start taking high doses of vitamin c today, and you will see the result tonight, or tomorrow night. I’ve had someone else report the exact same effects. Funny thing is, there’s hardly any info on the net about this connection, I guess those mega dosers of vitamin c thought it was normal to have such awesome erections. Vitamin C increases dopamine and reduces prolactin Vitamin C increases Nitric Oxide, vasodilation, and blood flow Vitamin C is very important in creating collagen, which has proven to strengthen and keep healthy blood vessels, arteries, tendons, skin, ligaments, and cartilage And there’s a range of other things vitamin c does that I haven’t even researched or posted (immune system anyone). But if you look up any vitamin in Vigrx Plus, they all have some sort of health benefit don’t they? That’s why they’re vitamins, because they’re essential for normal health. Learn more at But usually taking these Vigrx vitamins/supplements, you rarely see anything tangible to say, this is really making a difference. Rather you just know they’re doing something good in the background. You will see a tangible result in your erections straight away. The normal ascorbic acid type. That’s all you need to take in large doses. Don’t believe the mantra 500mg is all you need. Do some research, read other peoples personal accounts of how they’ve taken high doses of vitamin c for 20+ years and never had a cold or flu. Also why does nearly every mammal, except humans, fruit bats, and guinea pigs, make 10g+ of ascorbic acid in there liver everyday! More when they become ill. Learn more at and