My son broke the front glass in ipad 2 and hi changed into unable to type right code and now the ipad is disabled . there may be any hazard to get again pics and videos from it. I recognize the code but there may be no choice to type it. ipad is disabled

And now a repair matter. I submerged my iPhone 5S in water and now I need to get the phone’s data recovered as described a Dried it out (rice for one week). If I try to fee it, the apple emblem comes on and rancid however it truly is all. final again up onto macbook became about 2 months ago. major component i would want to recover is the snap shots taken given that then.

would like to retrieve pics and videos from a non charging phone. would love citation of price pls.

I dropped my iPhone into water yesturday and it’s far now completely unresponsive and won’t turn on in any respect, i’ve never subsidized anything as much as iTunes or the cloud. i’m by and large involved approximately my photos as i have so many that I nonetheless want access to so i used to be thinking if there may be any opportunity you can retrieve the images at all and placed them onto a reminiscence stick or some thing

My youngster tousled with my iphone five password and it got locked. After many unsuccessful attempts it in the end got disabled. I would love to retrieve all of the films and snap shots. should you assist? Is it viable?